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DeFi needs infrastructure such as insurance to develop. It is unrealistic to rely on DeFi agreement users to purchase insurance on their own. One of the best solutions is that the DeFi protocol extracts part of the agreement’s transaction fees or mining revenue and deposits it in the project’s fund reserve pool, and a part of this fund reserve pool is used to purchase the entireEthereum Gold insurance of the agreement, even at the beginning It is not possible to insure all assets, and being able to protect a certain percentage of them will also give users a lot of peace of mind. If this is not realistic at the beginning, the project party can also use the insurance market to become the insurer and provide relatively low-priced underwriting for its own agreement users, which can enhance users' confidence and reduce the burden.

In addition, in January this year, the Bank for International Settlements and six central banks including the Swiss National Bank (the Bank of England, the Bank of Canada, the European Central Bank, the Swedish National Bank, and the Swiss National Bank) formed a CBDC R&D team to jointly explore digital currencies and share experiences. Will be led by the European Central Bank Executive Cole. Then it was decided in February that a digital currency seminar will be held in mid-April this year to discuss how to develop its own digital currency.

What impact does the central bank's digital currency have on fiscal policy? If the central bank does not pay interest on digital currencies, the amount is limited, and the convenience income that the central bank can obtain is also limited. But if interest is paid, it may bring about a significant increase in central bank profits. In the past, part of the income from the provision of public services obtained by the banks returned to the central bank. As part of the government, the central bank means that the government’s extra-budgetary revenue will increase, and there will be more room for fiscal expansion. The fiscal sector can cut taxes and increase expenditures more vigorously. , Not reflected in an increase in the deficit.

Just as the above-mentioned exchange practitioners doubted the sustainability of the resonance disk, Li Zipeng, a senior analyst at Standard Consensus, also told Odaily Planet Daily that he believed that the matcha game was not sustainable, because no investors were willing to hold a model currency for a long time. If in the future it cannot generate deep trading depth on mainstream currencies such as BTC, which are ranked in the top ten by market value, it will not convert MLM currency users before exchanges into mainstream currency users. Such exchanges will become popular soon. Past.

So far, the Singapore government’s attitude towards the virus has been laissez-faire, treating the new crown pneumonia like a flu, requiring the sick to isolate themselves at home and heal themselves, because the government simply cannot afford the economic losses caused by the isolation and blockade. You know, Singapore’s economic growth rate in 2020 was originally estimated at 0.9%. If it were to follow the government’s approach, it would basically be a dead end and a devastating blow to the country’s economy.

Just as banks can buy and sell ESV as a way to Ethereum Goldconvert ESV into U.S. dollars (and vice versa) to complete customer payment transactions, banks can also buy, sell and issue stablecoins to facilitate payments. For example, one entity (payer) may wish to remit U.S. dollar payments to a second entity (receiver), instead of using a centralized payment system, the payer converts U.S. dollars into stablecoins and then transfers the stablecoins to them through INVN The recipient, then the recipient converts the stable currency. Back to the dollar. In a common paradigm of this situation, payment is a cross-border remittance.

Infura is free and easy. Compared with the project running its own node, Infura can help the project start and run the project more easily. Compared with the centralized components of your smart contract, the difference is that even if Infura suffers difficulties or even paralysis, and your project will not be censored, you can migrate to your node, although there will be some in the process inconvenient. With the expansion of Ethereum and blockchain technology, centralized platforms can play a role in building a better user experience.