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4 The platform operator shall hold client assets for its clients through a company on trust, Gold Miner Ethereumand the company must be (i) the platform operator’s associated entity under the Securities and Futures Ordinance; (ii) in Incorporated; (iii) hold a trust or company service provider license under the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Ordinance (Chapter 615); and (iv) a subsidiary company wholly-owned by the platform operator (Associated entity). This requirement should help protect the virtual assets of customers and ensure that these assets are properly separated from the assets of the platform.

Industry: The mainstream tokens are collectively down, and platform tokens are emerging. Huobi will destroy 500 million HT, and will no longer issue additional; Huobi public chain testnet is officially launched, and HT will become its only underlying token. The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx suffered multiple rounds of DDOS attacks. Affected by this, the second-quarter contracts and long-term options that were originally scheduled to go online at 3 pm were forced to suspend trading. A new exchange-traded product (ETP) that tracks the reverse value of BTC-SBTC can now be traded on Boerse Stuttgart, Germany's second largest stock exchange.

The second is the iterative development of developers' perceptions, and the public chain survival model of mainnet online = good results is abandoned. The mainnet launch is one of the core links in the development of the public chain, and it is also a point of failure for many projects. The mainnet of many projects has not been able to attract enough developers to settle in, and the ecological vision cannot be supported, which eventually leads to the departure of developers.

In the financial field, it is possible to build a distributed ledger system with the participation of large, medium and small financial institutions by applying alliance blockchain technology, forming a technical platform for the interconnection of financial institutions, realizing a seamless link between existing systems and innovative systems, and realizing finance The straight-line link between the service system and customers realizes information sharing, product sharing, and service sharing, which can provide more efficient financial services.

Ant Financial plans to transfer the financial license-related businesses it holds to this subsidiary. The parent company of Ant Financial will retain financial technology businesses including financial cloud and risk management. The plan has not been finalized yet and is subject to regulatory approval . Liang Shidong, vice president of Ant Financial, once replied that Ant Financial has set up an independent team to study the relevant requirements of financial holding companies and actively participate in soliciting opinions.

Gold Miner EthereumWhether it is to become a liquidity provider on Curve or Uniswap, or to deposit it on platforms such as Compound and Aave, the decentralized economy of Ethereum provides multiple ways for BTC holders to earn passively in a non-custodial manner Revenue, which is consistent with the core cypherpunk philosophy. This is in sharp contrast to the choices of BTC holders, in which depositors will have to rely on centralized lenders like BlockFi or Celsius to earn yields.

In the future, digital RMB can not only extend to more retail scenarios, but also meet the challenges of new technologies. Yu Jianing said that in the 5G era, driverless cars, Internet of Things devices, and industrial Internet will be widely used, and the demand for transactions between things will continue to increase. The current monetary and financial system cannot meet these needs. The digital renminbi can help data platforms, financial companies, and all parties in the upstream and downstream industry chains optimize resource allocation, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operating costs.