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A recent tweet by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao best reflects this situation-a friend whoEthereum token once asked CZ how to buy bitcoin now relies on those news reports, which only tell him that the price of bitcoin has fallen to $3,000; Bitcoin has risen to $22,000. Accordingly, this friend believes that now is the time to buy.

First, Bitcoin developers can try to increase the demand for Bitcoin block space. This can be achieved by updating the protocol to make Bitcoin block space more attractive, or starting a business that can generate profit by consuming block space. The demand for Bitcoin block space includes both the demand for Bitcoin transactions and the storage of arbitrary data on the chain.

Li Lihui: First of all, I think blockchain is an important core technology, and as a core technology, its underlying technology is not yet mature, and the bottleneck of large-scale applications has not been broken, so we are in industrial technology A period of great opportunities for innovation. I think the central government attaches great importance to blockchain technology, and the development of the blockchain industry is to seize the most important opportunity.

Another relatively reliable statement is that the negative USDT OTC premium is the result of a large amount of funds eager to cash out. The sharp drop in the over-the-counter price of USDT shows that the inflow of external funds has been interrupted in stages, and over-the-counter investors have resisted entering the market. The big V@Blockchain威廉 in the currency circle once posted a blog, believing that this was due to the approach of the Chinese New Year and selling coins for the New Year.

Yes, central banks are losing track of the global money supply, which could lead to hyperinflation. If you are familiar with the partial reserve banking system, then you will know that this can be a very serious problem. Our global economy is based on consumer-backed debt, which has inflated substantially and will continue to do so. The central bank controls the situation, but blindly compiles a rule book. It is only a matter of time before the current banking business fails.

2017. Jay Clayton, the chairman of the US Federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which regulates securities, issued a statement on digital currencies and initial coin financing (ICOs). Chairman Clayton believes that, according to US law, tokens and services that have potential income characteristics based on the management of start-ups or others meet the definition of securities in US law. In 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued guEthereum tokenidelines clarifying that exchanges, investment institutions, investment advisors, and traders who conduct business in digital currency in the form of digital asset securities will be subject to securities laws. The guidelines clearly stipulate that digital currencies as securities will be subject to US securities laws, but it may not always be clear where we draw this line.